IL Ed Day News

Independent Living Education Day 2023

In person at the Great Hall in the State House March 23, 2023

IL Education Day was especially exciting this year since our last in-person event was in 2019!

Visit the MetroWest Center for Independent Living website to see all of the photos from the day.

Accomplishments in FFY 2022

  • Massachusetts Residents served in FFY 22: 35,693. 
  • 12,771 Consumers, Family Members, Partners in the community, Municipalities, and Government received information or referrals from Independent Living Centers.
  • 145 Individuals transitioned from institutionalized settings such as nursing homes to the community.
  • 1,080 youth across the Commonwealth received transition services.
  • 12,341 individuals obtained access to Health Care services they previously did not have.
  • 1,412 individuals obtained Assistive Technology.
  • ILCs support individuals with disabilities in going back to work and being productive in their communities.

FY 2024 Priorities

Independent Living Centers Line Item 4120-0200, $10 Million for 10 Independent Living Centers (Increase of 2 million)

The Independent Living Centers are seeking an increase in funding to support;

  • An increase in demand for assistance finding affordable accessible housing
  • Support to leave nursing homes
  • Assistance navigating benefit and vocational options
  • Mitigating the impact of inflation

Affordable, Accessible, Available Housing

The Independent Living Network supports legislation and programming that
increases access to affordable, available accessible housing.

  • S.1553 – An Act Building a More Accessible Massachusetts. Sponsor: Senator Michael O. Moore and
  • H 2291 – An Act expanding the availability of adaptable housing for people with disabilities and seniors Sponsors: Reps. Christine P. Barber and Michael J. Moran
  • (H.1305/S.884) An Act to create affordable homes for persons with disabilities Sponsors: Representative Rob Consalvo & Senator Robyn Kennedy.
  • Rental Assistance for Families in Transition (RAFT) Program,
  • Emergency Rental and Mortgage Assistance (ERMA) Program,
  • Tenancy Preservation Program (TPP)
  • Family Shelters, HomeBase and Rapid Rehousing
  • COVID Eviction Legal Health Program (CELHP) and Community Mediation Pre-Court,
  • Support funding to increase the number of low- income accessible units,
  • Continue to support housing voucher programs like AHVP and MRVP and ensure the vouchers are adequate to meet increasing market rents.

Assistive Technology Programs and Durable Medical Equipment

Affordable, Accessible, Available Transportation

  • Affordable, accessible and available transportation is a key priority for individuals with disabilities.
  • On-demand, accessible transportation to all riders is necessary.
  • Support on-demand, accessible transportation pilot program(s), similar to UBER and LYFT MBTA pilot programs.
  • Provide funding to RTAs to allow for the continuation of free fare. Assistive Technology Programs and Durable Medical Equipment